18. Juni 2014

World Farmers Organisation: Blueberries most dynamic commodity

With a global growth of 9%, blueberries doubled the increase recorded in 2012 and tripled that of the fruit industry in general. In 2013 the top […]
30. April 2014

European Land Ownwers: A Dialogue for Landscape Action

European Cultural Landscapes at a Crossroads In order to bring together different stakeholders, including policy makers, farmers, practitioners, scientists, NGOs and industry to ensure that all […]
20. April 2014

World Farmers Organisation, News

Cyprus asks for EU help after the worst drought since 1901 The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is experiencing the worst drought since 1901. The Minister of […]
5. April 2014

Peter Kendall is the new President of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO)

Peter Kendall of the National Farmers’ Union UK was elected as the new President of the World Farmers’ Organisation. After the US national Robert Carlson, he […]
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